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130 flights cancelled tomorrow due to warning strike


Due to a warning strike tomorrow – 00.00 – 24.00 – which has been called for by Verdi, the Service Trade Union, at the security control stations for passengers and the checkpoints for both personnel and goods, there will be considerable disruptions to flight operations at Cologne Bonn Airport. The current status is that 69 departures and 61 arrivals will be cancelled. Delays will also be expected beyond the duration of the strike. Cologne Bonn Airport has a total of 199 passenger flights scheduled for tomorrow (100 departures and 99 arrivals).


We would kindly ask passengers to check the status of their flights with their airline. Passengers whose flights are on schedule should make their way to the Airport in good time and, if possible, not travel with carry-on luggage alone – or to check in this hand baggage. Longer waiting times are to be expected at the passenger control stations. The Airport has set up a telephone hotline (02203-404000).


The passenger security control stations at Cologne Bonn Airport are the responsibility of the German Federal Police, which use private security companies to this end. Responsibility for the personnel and goods checkpoints lies with the the Airport Company, which also commissions private security services here.

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