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Cologne Bonn Airport and Setur Duty Free signed a contract for duty free & duty paid operations for 7,5-years term


Turkey’s first duty free operator Setur, a Koç Group company, Turkey's largest industrial and services group, has been awarded by Cologne Bonn Airport to operate Duty Free & Duty Paid stores for 7,5 years.

Setur Duty Free, Turkey’s pioneer and most widespread brand in Duty Free operations, has been awarded for the Duty Free & Duty Paid Tender at Cologne Bonn Airport. Setur Duty Free will undertake the duty free & duty paid operation of approximately 1.500 m2 sales area in two terminals of the airport which hosts 12,4 million passengers (in 2019). Alongside its wide product range, customer centric store design, innovative digital solutions, and sustainability approach, Setur will deliver a unique customer journey for all customer profiles.

Setur Duty Free will enhance the potential of Cologne Bonn Airport

Setur Duty Free aims to maximize customer experience by data driven business approach and digital retail experience to maximize the potential of Cologne Bonn Airport, which provides flights to more than 100 different destinations, particularly to Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Germany.

Ahmet Sönmez, CEO of Setur, said the following regarding the investment:  "Setur Duty Free, a pioneer and most widespread duty-free company in Turkey, is operating 50 stores throughout 20 locations with a total sales area of 22,000 square meters at land borders, seaports, and airports. With this investment in Europe, we are initiating the globalization step of our growth strategy. In these 7,5 years, we want to enhance the potential of Cologne Bonn Airport and yet create value for all parties with our customer-oriented service philosophy. As Setur, we aim to contribute to sustainable transformation of travel and tourism with all of our brands. We are pleased that Cologne Bonn Airport places a high value on our sustainable growth."

Thilo Schmid, President and CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH: "We are delighted to have gained an experienced partner in Setur, whose modern concept will significantly improve the quality of our location and offer our passengers a diverse, lively range of services that leaves nothing to be desired." Managing Director Torsten Schrank (CFO) explains: "Setur has taken our vision for the future and implemented it very well; regional aspects in particular have been excellently met. We look forward to working with Setur.""

About Setur

Setur, a Koç Holding company which was established in 1965, provides services in the tourism industry as a local and international tour operator, hotel sales, IATA airline ticket sales, visa services, convention and seminar organizations and overseas training.

Contract signing Duty Free
Contract signing Duty Free

The airport managing directors Thilo Schmid (CEO, r.) and Torsten Schrank (CFO, l.) signing the contract with Ahmet Sonmez (CEO, 2nd from left) and Arzu Bozkurt Atalay (COO) of Setur Duty Free....

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Visualization Duty Free
Visualization Duty Free

Future appearance Duty Free (visualization)


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