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Johan Vanneste to leave Cologne Bonn Airport of his own accord


President & CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH, Johan Vanneste, will be leaving Cologne Bonn Airport of his own accord at the end of the year. The company’s supervisory board today accepted Mr Vanneste’s request to prematurely end his role at Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH and terminate his contact on 31 December 2021. The contract would otherwise have run until April 2026.

‘The supervisory board deeply regrets this move by Mr Vanneste, but certainly understands his reasons, and wishes him all the best with his future personal endeavours. Johan Vanneste took over management of the airport at a difficult time, and successfully led it through the greatest crisis ever seen in aviation. The supervisory board thanks Mr Vanneste for his work, and firmly believes the trustworthy partnership with the CEO will continue just as it has done until the end of the year’, says Prof Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH.

Johan Vanneste justified his decision to the supervisory board citing changes in his family life. Once his role at Cologne Bonn Airport ends, he will not be assuming any further operational responsibilities at any other company. Until his departure, Johan Vanneste will manage Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH’s business together with the Managing Director & CFO, Torsten Schrank. The supervisory board has initiated the steps necessary to find a successor as soon as possible.
Johan Vanneste (61) has been the CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH since 1 May 2018, having responsibility for operational and technical areas, ground services, sales activities for passenger and cargo operations, and legal matters.

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