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Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. starts an awareness campaign at Cologne Bonn Airport


This afternoon, in the light of Christopher Street Day in Cologne, the non-profit organization Jugend gegen AIDS e.V. [Youth against AIDS] and its cooperation partners officially launched an awareness campaign at Cologne Bonn Airport. Many politicians and other celebrities who support the project participated in the opening. Patron of the project is Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia Hannelore Kraft. On her behalf, State Secretary for Building, Housing, Urban Development and Transport, Michael von der Mühlen, addressed and thanked the organizers and their partners.

“The campaign, ‘WE LOVE YOU. WELCOME AS YOU ARE’ is a welcoming greeting to everyone – whoever they are and whatever their preferences. This is the message our big banners – in cool Kölsch [local dialect] - want to get over at Cologne Bonn Airport. This way, we are also addressing a red hot topic, “Marriage for all”, and prompting a relaxed attitude and approach to this issue. Ireland, USA and others have already paved the way, now it’s time for Germany to follow. And, no worries: “Et hätt noch immer joot jejange”, says Daniel Nagel, Chairman of Jugend gegen AIDS e.V., quoting the typical Cologne motto for life in general, which basically means “It’ll all work out fine”.

“Acceptance and diversity are the main characteristics of our city and our Airport. We see ourselves as a tolerant gate to the world and are delighted to welcome our CSD guests,” said Michael Garvens, CEO of the Airport Company Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH.

On Sunday, two large trucks will take part in the Christopher Street Day Parade, promoting this project. The campaign is supported by and made possible thanks to Cologne Bonn Airport, AXA Insurance, ‘Umparken im Kopf’ [re-think stereotypes] and

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