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New concept for improved traffic flow in front of the terminals


On 22 March, a new traffic concept will be launched at Cologne/Bonn Airport which will improve the flow of traffic in the area in front of the terminals. The aim is to reduce traffic load and increase road safety on the access routes.

Up until now, it was frequently the case that car drivers unlawfully blocked restricted areas, driving lanes and emergency access routes or parked in two rows without any consideration for other means of transport. During peak times, this led to huge traffic jams on the access routes. Through the introduction of a new set of rules, this situation is to be systematically improved for all road users.

From Friday onwards, visitors who drive to the airport will first of all go through a barrier system and will then be given a ten-minute drive-through window during which they can stop directly in front of the terminals, free of charge. During this time, they can drop off or pick up their friends or relatives. There are a total of 100 parking spaces available for this purpose.

Once the free-of-charge period has expired, a higher level parking charge will apply if parked for any longer. There will be a tiered system of charges: Parking up to 15 minutes will cost €5, up to 30 minutes €12. It is hoped that this will mean that car drivers will vacate the terminal approach routes within the 10-minute free-of-charge drive-through time. It will also be significantly cheaper to opt for using the multi-storey car parks from the outset – for example, P2 will cost €3 an hour.

A further element of the new traffic concept will be an additional entrance to the P2 multi-storey car park before one reaches the barriers. Furthermore, long distance coaches will no longer be directed via the terminal access routes to reach the bus terminal. Both of these measures will make a noticeable contribution to reducing traffic load.

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