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Number of passengers increases significantly again


Cologne Bonn Airport can look back on a very positive development in traffic over the past year. With a total of 9.8 million travellers, the number of passengers rose significantly again in 2023. This was around one million passengers more than in 2022 and around 300,000 more than the airport had expected. Demand was particularly strong for trips to tourist destinations and to family and friends abroad. A particularly large number of passengers flew from Cologne/Bonn to Turkey and Spain in 2023. 

"We are very pleased with the positive development in traffic figures. As an airport, we have prepared ourselves very well for this," says Thilo Schmid, Chairman of the Managing Board at Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH. "The significant increase in passenger traffic shows how great people's need to travel is. Passenger numbers were particularly high in the months of the summer flight schedule. As an airport, we were able to score points at all times with stable and efficient processes in the terminal and on the apron. As usual, we work hand in hand with all partners at the airport to achieve this."   

The renewed increase in passenger numbers continues a trend at Cologne Bonn Airport. It had already made an above-average recovery in 2022 following the end of the COVID crisis and welcomed 8.8 million travellers (4.3 million travellers in 2021). This was followed by a further increase of 11 percent in 2023. Compared to the pre-crisis level of 2019, there is still a shortfall of around 2.5 million travellers, which is mainly due to the sharp decline in domestic German travel. In 2023, the volume of domestic flights was only around 30 percent of the 2019 level.

The airport once again demonstrated its position as one of the leading cargo locations in Germany and Europe last year, achieving a cargo volume of 870,000 tonnes. This figure was not as high as in 2022 (971,000 tonnes) in the German market and also in Cologne/Bonn, primarily due to the difficult global economic situation as well as wars and crises, which also had a negative impact on the global air cargo market. The airport once again performed well in this challenging market environment. With an increase of 7 percent, the airport was well above the 2019 level (815,000 tonnes) and also above the general market average.

The airport expects passenger numbers to continue to rise in 2024, with more than 10 million travellers taking off or landing in Cologne/Bonn for the first time since 2019 (10.3 million). In the cargo business, the airport anticipates a moderate increase in volume to 885,000 tonnes despite the ongoing weak global economy.

Traffic Figures_2023
Traffic Figures_2023


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