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Get to Security with a Time Slot


Book your passage through security with just a few clicks: from today, Cologne Bonn Airport is offering a new service for travellers, “CGNGateWay”: in future, 72 hours before their departure passengers can book a fixed time slot for the security checks on the airport’s website under the heading “Flights”. The service is free of charge and available online with immediate effect.

“The new service gives our passengers the opportunity to organise their trip even better and to schedule a fixed time for their security checks,” says Thilo Schmid, President and CEO of Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH. “By constantly further developing and digitising processes, we are optimising our procedures with our passengers in mind.”

Anyone who has booked online goes to the central security area in Terminal 1 in the normal way and uses a separate entrance to a selected control lane at a booked time (+/- 10 minutes). Booking a time slot via “CGNGateWay” is possible from 72 hours to up to 1 hour before the departure time. The time slots can be booked at fixed times at quarter-hour intervals. The new system will ensure a better and more consistent capacity utilisation of the lanes. The aim is to reduce waiting times with a more targeted control of passenger flows.

Prospectively, booking kiosks in the terminals are planned alongside online booking. For the launch, additional service staff will be available in the terminal to draw attention to the option of booking time slots.

Passengers who have booked a slot for the security checks should remember to schedule time for check-in and baggage check-in before accessing security. In principle, anyone who has booked a slot can continue to use the usual entrance to security checks. In this case, we request that they cancel their time-slot booking.

From today, the new “CGNGateWay” service can be found here: 



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