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Warning strike started this morning at 6 o’clock


This morning at 6 o’clock, the warning strike summoned by the trade union Ver.di started at Cologne Bonn Airport. Several sections of the workforce at the Airport will be participating in this industrial action. Ver.di has called upon the employees to withdraw their labour for 24 hours.

In that time from this morning, 6 a.m. until tomorrow, 6 a.m.,

Cologne Bonn Airport has a schedule of 250 passenger flights (i.e. 125 take-offs and landings). 76 of these have already been cancelled in advance. At this point, we cannot see how the warning strike will actually affect flight operations. In the course of the day, there may well be further flight cancellations. In cooperation with the airlines, the Airport will do its utmost to keep any inconvenience to the flight passengers to a minimum.


We would kindly ask all passengers to contact their airlines or tour operators to find out if, and to what extent, their flights are affected by the warning strike.


The Airport has also set up a telephone hotline – 02203-40 4000 – for passengers. Latest information on departures and arrivals will also be available on the Airport’s website at


Note to the editorial offices: The Airport will issue regular updates on the impact of the strike. Information is also available on our Twitter channel @AirportCGN.

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