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Tips for your trip

We are delighted to welcome you as our passenger at Cologne Bonn Airport. At our airport, many processes involving numerous partners interlock.

You can help to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible by specifically preparing for your journey and scheduling enough time.

Our travel tips and the check list will help to keep waiting times as low as possible, even at peak travel times, meaning that you can start your journey without stress.

Preparation at Home


Please take only one piece of hand baggage. The less you have with you, the quicker the check.

Sharp objects (e.g., knives) are not permitted in hand baggage. A cigarette lighter is permitted in hand baggage (no Zippo lighters, or similar designs).

Liquids and creams (up to 100 ml per container) must be placed in a sealable 1-litre plastic bag (except for medication and infant formula).

Do not pack technological devices at the bottom of your hand baggagethey must be taken out at Security.

Check whether your passport is valid. Find out about the requirements of the airline and the destination country. Keep all of your papers easily to hand.

Find out from your airline or your tour operator about the opening times of the check-in counter.

Book a time slot for your security check at “CGN GateWay”.

Check in online. If you have booked with Eurowings, use the night before check-in if you so wish.

If you have limited mobility, register with the airline or tour operator in advance for assistance from our mobility service.

Plan your arrival with some time to spare and, if required, book a parking space on the airport website.

Schedule plenty of time. There are also lots of shops and restaurants at the airport. There is a lounge, subject to a fee, and smoking areas in the Security area.

As a Eurowings customer, use the Self-Baggage Drop-Off option if you so wish.

Visit the central Security Check in Terminal 1 at the time slot booked in advance or in plenty of time and choose the relevant entrance. Please keep an eye on displays and announcements because gates may change at short notice. The terminal service staff will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

Carrying our passenger checks is a sovereign task of the Federal Administration and the competent security authorities. At Cologne Bonn Airport they are carried out by staff from a private security service provider.
A contract to this effect between the Procurement Office of the Federal Ministry of the Interior and the security provider is commissioned.

The Federal Police is responsible for professional supervision of implementation of the checks in order to achieve the maximum of aviation security.
The Airport is not actively involved in the checks.
You can help to ensure that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Put small objects in your baggage/jacket pocket beforehand.

Bags for liquids are available from machines before you get to Security.

Empty or dispose of drinks bottles.

Take your jacket off before the check. Place your baggage in one tray, technical devices and the bag for liquids in one or more others.

Please follow the instructions of the Security staff.

To ensure efficient processing in passport control, the competent Federal Police asks passengers for preparation and help:

  • Well before travelling, check the validity of your travel documents and the entry requirements of your destination country.
  • Every person needs their own travel document.
  • Whether a passport, child ID card or adult ID card is needed depends on the destination and you can find this out from the embassy or consulate of the destination country.
  • In emergencies, the Federal Police may issue a travel ID card as a replacement passport at the airport for a fee under certain circumstances.
  • But it is essential that you can prove your identity beyond doubt to the officer.
  • If your minor children are travelling with relatives or friends, remember that everyone with parental authority must have demonstrably consented to the trip. This is also the case if only one of two people with parental authority is travelling with the child.
  • The simplest way is to carry a written declaration of consent with you that has been signed by everyone with parental authority.
  • It should include the child’s surname, first name and date of birth as well as the purpose of travel and destination, accompanying people, length of the trip and the names and contact details of everyone with parental authority.

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