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Reach your destination healthy

Cologne-Bonn Airport is taking a number of protective measures to minimize the risk of contamination with the corona virus at the airport. Keep them in mind and help protect yourself and others. Thank you.

The City of Cologne is operating a test station at Cologne Bonn Airport. The station is open to travellers and non-travellers. The facility at the airport long-distance coach station, directly next to Terminal 2,is open daily from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. The test result is usually available within 48 hours. 

Current information on the entry requirements and any costs incurred for the tests will be published by the City at

The Citizens' Telephone Service of the City of Cologne is available to answer any general questions about the coronavirus.
Phone: +49 221 221-33500, from Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The test centre is located at the main bus station next to Terminal 2. The route is signposted in the terminals.

The test center is open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The test centre is operated by Johanniter on behalf of the City of Cologne.

The test station is available to both travellers and non-travellers The City of Cologne publishes current information about the groups of people who can be tested at the airport at


No, the test centre is available to air travellers as well as numerous other groups of people.

Whether the test is free or subject to a charge depends on which group of people you belong to. The City publishes a current overview at

The test is performed in two steps: Personal data is collected during registration. Then a mouth, nose and throat swab is taken using a cotton swab in our medical container. Smaller children are only swabbed in the throat area. You can simplify registration by scanning the QR code published in the waiting area and entering your data.

An official identification document (e.g. passport or identity card), your health insurance card if applicable and a telephone number where you can be reached.

No, it is not possible to make an appointment.

The Robert Koch Institute publishes a list of all worldwide risk areas on its homepage ( This list is continuously updated to the current situation. Proof of entry is, for example, a toll receipt or fuel receipt, a train, bus or plane ticket.

The test itself only takes a few minutes. However, depending on the volume of passengers, waiting times may be longer. You can help to shorten the waiting time by entering your data online before you reach the registration container. A QR code that leads to the corresponding page can be scanned in the waiting area.

The test result is usually communicated within 48 hours via the patient app. You will receive the access data when you register. Afterwards, you will also receive the test result by post. In case of a positive test result, the public health department will also contact you by telephone.

During registration, you will receive the access data for a patient app. The test result isusually sent to the app within 48 hours. In addition, you will receive the test result by post.

Only the tested person receives their result. In case of a positive result, the responsible public health department will also be informed, as it is a notifiable disease according to the German Protection against Infection Act.

The Citizens' Telephone of the City of Cologne is available to answers questions about the coronavirus. Phone: +49 221 221-33500, from Monday to Friday 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The obligation to test also applies to children of any age. For infants, the public health department recommends having children tested by a paediatrician.

Masks are mandatory throughout the entire terminal

It is mandatory to wear a mask or alternative mouth and nose cover throughout the terminal. Masks, disposable gloves and hand disinfectants are available at various locations in the terminals.

  • Please pay attention to ground markings and signs.
  • Also pay attention to safety distances at check-in, the security checkpoint, in waiting rooms, shops and when boarding.
  • The staff will inform you about changes in procedures and special precautions.

All departures and check-ins are currently being handled in Terminal 1 (area 1B). T The airport business lounge and the prayer room in Terminal 2 will remain closed until further notice. The Airport Business Lounge, the visitor terrace and the prayer room in Terminal 2 will remain closed until further notice.

Very important: Hygiene

  • Wash hands regularly and thoroughly with soap (at least 30 sec.).
  • Use an elbow or handkerchief when coughing and sneezing.

There are disinfectant stands throughout the airport. The cleaning intervals of toilets, self-service monitors, stair railings and all surfaces that need to be touched have been increased.

    The security checkpoint in Terminal 1 is currently the only one in operation. 

    Each passenger is only allowed one piece of hand luggage. All other luggage must be checked in at check-in.

    • Please stow all small items in your hand luggage or outer clothing before proceeding to the security checkpoint.
    • Please place hand luggage on the belt.
    • Disposable gloves and protective masks may be worn in the control.
    • Oral and nasal covers or masks may have to be temporarily pulled off during the security check if the security staff asks you to.

    The guidelines may vary depending on the airline. In principle, however, the following also applies on airplanes: keep your distance and use mouth and nose protection. The airlines have set up up-to-date information pages for many questions that currently concern air travelers.

    A list of all airlines at Cologne Bonn Airport can be found here.

    We care about your health.
    Please help us.

    We want you to arrive at your destination healthy and safe. That's why, together with our partners, including the airlines, the federal police and the responsible authorities, we have implemented various safety precautions.

    Please follow these instructions and protect yourself, other passengers and employees of the airport. Please do not travel if you, a person in your household or a person you are travelling with shows symptoms of illness typical for the coronavirus (e.g. fever, cough).

    For questions on specific protective measures on the aircraft, please contact your airline. The terminal services will also be happy to assist you further at the boarding pass checkpoint or the information desk.

    All departures and check-ins are currently being handled in Terminal 1 (area 1B). Security checks for all passengers are being conducted centrally in Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is being used exclusively for arrivals from at-risk areas.

    Further Informations

    Follow our social media channels for current information and developments:


    Please use the following download for all informations about the current hygiene concept.

    Flyer "Travel safely"

    Download (PDF 122 kB)

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