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Travelling barrier-free

The free PRM service (people with reduced mobility) offers help for people with physical or mental disabilities. The German Red Cross accompanies these passengers on behalf of the airport until departure or collects them from the aircraft on arrival.

Please inform your airline, your tour operator or your travel agency of your need for assistance when booking your flight, but no later than 48 hours before departure (by telephone or email).  If you book later, there may be longer waiting times. It is not possible to book at the airport. 

The following international categorisation is used to assess the degree of restriction: 

  • WCHR
    Passengers can walk short distances and climb stairs. They are taken to the gate.
  • WCHS
    The passenger can walk short distances but cannot climb stairs. They will be taken to the aircraft door and, if necessary, to their seat.
  • WCHC
    The passenger cannot walk independently and cannot climb stairs. They will be brought to their seat or picked up on arrival.
  • BLND
    Visually impaired or blind passenger.
  • DEAF
    Deaf or hearing-impaired passenger.
  • DPNA
    Passenger with an intellectual disability or learning difficulties

Please inform your airline if you wish to take mobility aids or an assistance dog with you.

Foto: German Red Cross

German Red Cross

First Aid, PRM Service

Where are there car parks for people with disabilities?

Parking spaces for people in possession of a blue EU parking card can be found:


Would you like to park for an hour or less?

With a blue EU parking permit or a severely disabled person's pass with the symbol aG, H, B or Bl, you can park for one hour free of charge in multi-storey car park 2 or in the short-term parking zones (P1 short  or P1 A).

After entering the car park, please go to the cash desk in P2 (level 4) or to the information desk in Terminal 1. If you present your severely disabled person's ID card and ID card, you will receive a one-hour discount.

You are parking for longer than one hour?

If you park for longer than 1 hour, you will receive a 50% discount on the current parking rate in car park 2 only. Please present your disabled person's ID card and ID card at the ticket office in P2 (level 4) before leaving the car park.

In both cases: 

  • The badge holder:in must be present, as the badge is not transferable. 
  • Personal data is required for auditing purposes and a copy of the ID card will be made.
  • The discounts do not apply to online rates and reservations.
  • Discounts are granted on a voluntary basis there is no entitlement to the granting of discounts 

In car park 2 there are emergency call buttons that can be used to request help if necessary. The emergency call buttons are labelled.

If you have any questions, please contact the car park management:

Foto: Car Park Management

Car Park Management

General enquiries

Please allow sufficient time to arrive at the airport and check in.

Accompaniment to the terminal
If you would like to be picked up in the multi-storey car park, on the terminal driveway, at the taxi rank or at the long-distance coach station, please report to a call point

  • Terminal 1: Entrance Höhe Check-in 100 (outside the building)
  • Terminal 1: Entrance height check-in 200 (outside the building)
  • Terminal 1: Level 0 (at the doctor's surgery)
  • Parking garage 2: Level 4 
  • Parking garage 32/long-distance bus station: Terminal entrance

(Online) check-in
Tell the check-in staff that you have booked the childcare service. The check-in staff will inform the German Red Cross and show you to the PRM service point. You will be met there around 50 minutes before departure and escorted through security to the gate.

Even if you have checked in online, please report to your airline's check-in desk (pre-registration alone is not sufficient).

Security check
The PRM attendants will accompany you through security to the gate. Please note the requirements for hand baggage.  

Accompanying person One accompanying person is permitted to accompany you in the security area to the gate (both parents in the case of small children). Please report to your airline's check-in desk with the accompanying person.

Own wheelchair

  • Wheelchairs and other aids must be registered. Please check with your airline about the conditions of carriage for transporting your wheelchair or power wheelchair. As a rule, transport is free of charge.
  • Checked-in wheelchairs are transported in the cargo hold. You will then be taken to the aircraft in an airport wheelchair and collected on arrival in an airport wheelchair. You will receive your wheelchair in baggage reclaim.Alternatively, you can keep your own wheelchair until the gate and hand it in there.

Assistance dog
Your assistance dog must be registered when you book your flight. Information on the service standards of PRM care can be found below.

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