Cologne Bonn Airport

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Economic factor

Driving force and growth guarantee for the region

Cologne Bonn Airport has a positive impact on the regional economy at many different levels: it is one of the ten largest employers and an important contracting entity in the region, stimulates the retail and restaurant business, and attracts innovative companies.

About 14,800 people work directly at the airport at 130 companies and agencies. 90 % of them have permanent positions. In the surrounding area, the same amount of jobs are dependent on the airport. The three top employers are UPS, the Lufthansa Group, and the Airport Cologne/Bonn GmbH. In terms of its employee structure, the airport is international: more than 20 % of the employees are not from Germany.

The location ensures an annual income of more than €560 million. The employees live in the region and spend their money there. The forecasts state that the number of employees will increase. In the last ten years, the airport created more than 2,300 additional jobs.

However, it is not only as an employer that the airport makes an important contribution to the economic development of the region: today, businesses greatly value good travel connections. When deciding on a business location, transport connections and proximity to an airport are crucial criteria for business enterprises. It is always the most dynamic and fastest-growing businesses that locate close to an airport-

Cologne Bonn Airport is a real job-creator offering sustainable, qualified jobs with a promising future. Tourists and business travelers who come to Cologne and Bonn via the airport bring additional purchasing power to the region. This in turn benefits retailers, hotels, and restaurants.

The airport also has a positive effect on the image of Cologne, Bonn, and the Rheinland region. As a flight destination it campaigns internationally for the region, while at the same time making it an attractive area to live for people who are active and love to travel. In many cases, these are sought-after skilled workers who spend their well-earned salary here, benefitting the local economy in turn.


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