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In order to enjoy your holiday right from the start, it makes sense to prepare for your trip. The CGN checklist will help you with this. Contact your tour operator, airline or embassy in your destination country for questions about passports, visas and entry requirements. The Foreign Office publishes up-to-date travel advice online. Information on baggage regulations, departure and check-in times, special baggage etc. can be obtained from your airline.

Check the validity of your documents. Some countries require a passport that is valid for 6 months. The Federal Police can issue a temporary passport replacement. Children need their own passport when travelling abroad.

  • Check-in: If possible, use the online and pre-evening check-in.
  • Travel and parking: Plan your travel to the airport. Reserve a parking space.
  • Security check: Book a free time slot for the security check via CGNGateWay
  • Travel documents: Carry your flight ticket, booking documents and vouchers (hotel etc.) in your hand luggage. 
  • ID documents: ID card/passport, vaccination card and visa (if required) also belong in your hand luggage.
  • Pack your hand baggage: Pack your hand baggage in accordance with the regulations. The more organised the hand luggage is packed, the quicker the check will be.
  • And otherwise? If required remember your driving licence, insurance card, travel health insurance 
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