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CGN as an economic engine

Cologne Bonn Airport is firmly anchored in the region and contributes to the prosperity, reputation and attractiveness of the Rhineland for people and companies.

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of the largest private business locations in the region. This is not the only reason for the numerous positive effects on the surrounding area and the regional economy. Tourists and business travellers who come to the Rhineland via the airport also increase purchasing power. 

The air traffic location is a valuable image carrier for Cologne, Bonn and the surrounding Rhineland. As a flight destination, it promotes the region internationally, while at the same time making it an attractive place to live for people who are active and keen travellers. They in particular are often sought-after skilled workers and keen shoppers, which in turn benefits the regional economy.


Image carrier

The airport is an important figurehead for the region. It promotes the Rhineland internationally as a flight destination and makes it an attractive place to live for people who like travelling and are active.


Job engine

The airport is one of the largest employers in the region. Around 15,000 people work for 130 companies and authorities. The location generates annual income totalling over 560 million euros.


Buying power

Holiday and business travellers who come to the Rhineland via the airport bring purchasing power to the region. Retailers, hotels and restaurants benefit from air travellers.



The airport is located in one of Europe's largest import and export regions. As many jobs in the region depend on exports, the airport makes an important contribution as a global freight hub.


Point of attraction

Good transport connections play an important role for many companies when choosing a location. High-growth, innovative companies like to locate near an airport.


Aerospace location

The Rhineland is a highly specialised aerospace location that is unique in Europe. The German Aerospace Centre and the German Armed Forces are expanding this locational advantage.

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