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Advertising at the airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is the perfect place for your advertising presence: a special, high-quality ambience, a ready-to-buy audience and long dwell times that guarantee a high level of attention.


Indoor advertising

Whether check-in, security control, waiting areas or baggage carousels: with indoor advertising at CGN, you can reach passengers throughout their journey.


Outdoor advertising

Flags, giant posters, boarding bridges: There are many exciting outdoor advertising opportunities at the airport and on the way there.


Digital advertising

Brilliant appearance in 4K: You - and your product - are guaranteed to make a splendid appearance on the digital advertising spaces at the airport.



Make an impression on site: either with mobile promotion teams or with a stand or space in the heart of the terminals.


Media packages

The media packages with pre-selected advertising spaces enable a perfect match between your target group and the advertising spaces at the airport.


Questions? The Airport advertising team will be happy to help you.

Foto: Stephan Merkens

Stephan Merkens

Head of Airport Media & Event

+49 2203 40 5804
Foto: Sabrina Müller

Sabrina Müller

Senior Media Sales Manager

+49 2203 40 2039
Foto: Jil Friedrichs

Jil Friedrichs

Media Sales Manager

+49 2203 40 2037
Foto: Silke Weiss

Silke Weiss

Media Sales Manager

+49 2203 40 2038
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