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With a team of engineers, planners, craftsmen and other experts, the Real Estate division ensures the reliable operation and development of all buildings and flight operation areas at the airport. The Real Estate division is divided into five departments:



Letting is responsible for the management and letting of existing properties and open spaces in the security area of the airport.

It ensures long-term, strategic and cost-effective letting, handles contract management and is the first point of contact and interface between airport departments and tenants/customers.


Strategic airport development planning

Strategic Airport Development is responsible for the planning realisation of the long-term and medium-term corporate goals for the development of the airport infrastructure and is closely linked to the corporate strategy.

It develops visions, guiding principles and development targets for the airside and landside infrastructure and contributes to strengthening NRW as an aviation centre. Planning takes into account factors such as forecast demand, existing infrastructure (landside and airside), possible expansion options and numerous other influencing parameters (environment, politics, finance and regulations).


Real estate development

Property Development is the initiator, concept developer and marketer of property development projects at the airport. The aim is to develop a sustainable and high-quality property location.

In the development of property projects, the team is responsible for all steps from the assessment of requirements to the economic feasibility study and the conclusion of the contract.


Building construction

Building Construction plans and realises all building construction projects and is the competent contact for all planning and construction measures at the airport. Building Construction advises and supports internal and external customers on the way to optimised solutions.

With its modern buildings that are tailored to user requirements and operational processes, the Building Construction department offers an optimal working environment. It thus creates the framework for growth, a positive passenger experience and a good corporate culture. As the airport's client representative, the team focusses on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. To this end, new technologies and innovations are utilised with a particular focus on sustainability.


Civil engineering

Civil engineering ensures the structural safety of all civil engineering and road structures, including flight operation areas. This includes runways, taxiways, aprons, roads, sewers, gullies, manholes and more. This applies with regard to the admissibility under building regulations and compliance with all relevant provisions.

He is responsible for carrying out planning, construction and maintenance work for civil engineering and road construction. He is also responsible for the maintenance of civil engineering facilities and ensuring that all wastewater and rainwater on the airport site is drained off without restriction.

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Real Estate

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