Achieving a lot together
The #TeamCGN at your side

A strong partner

Business partner, event location, client, advertising medium - and much more: the airport is always the right partner at your side. It is also the departure and arrival point for many millions of passengers, the logistical heart of North Rhine-Westphalia, an image driver for the entire Rhineland and one of the largest employers in the region.


Airline sales

Please land: The sales team will be happy to show you why CGN is the perfect airport for your airline.


Ground Services

Strong performance in handling: The Ground Services team works quickly and reliably.


Cargo champions

CGN can do cargo: the logistical heart of NRW is a global hub for goods of all kinds.


Airport advertising

You will be seen here! Present your company or your product on the areas or as a promotion.


Events & Parties

The CGN event space and many other event locations are perfect for unforgettable events and great moments.


Center management

An attractive location for your business: the CGN offers great prospects for shops and restaurants.


Real Estate

Plan, build, rent: The Real Estate team is your contact for buildings and business premises.


Training courses

Here the perspective is right: training and education on all aspects of the airport.


Security area

All information for temporary or permanent access to the security area.


Public Tenders

All of the airport's current tenders and contract awards bundled in one place.

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