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General aviation terminal

Take off or arrive relaxed and in a private atmosphere: The General Aviation Terminal (GAT) offers special comfort for private and business travellers. The private terminal operated by Business Aviation Centre Cologne GmbH (BACC) offers VIP rooms, a comfortable lounge and conference areas. Customs and federal police are on site.

The GAT is located outside the security area.

Business Aviation Centre Cologne

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Car Park 1 (P1)
Capacity Free
1120 526
Car Park 2 (P2)
Capacity Free
4006 528
Car Park 3 (P3)
Capacity Free
6527 595
Car park 32
Car Park Nord (P-Nord)
Capacity Free
101 35
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Terminal 2 / Arrival
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BAC Cologne (GAT)
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Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Cologne Bonn Cargo
Kriegerstraße 16
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