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Ground Handling

Cologne Bonn Airport is permanently growing, and our ground staff is well prepared for that. We know what’s important when it comes to ground handling: short turnaround times, prompt baggage conveyance, punctual delivery of cargo to the aircraft. These are the demands we meet day in, day out with state-of-the-art equipment and our highly qualified staff. 

Our teams run like clockwork and have an extremely high level of efficiency and flexibility, and we have a very attractive price-performance ratio and complete service from check-in to take-off. And we have the right connections to all the institutions connected with the Airport. 

The Airport is our home, so we know our way around.

Aircraft handling


Take off in the sense of taking wing that is; you won' t want to flee from our ground handling. All our operations are completed with highest competence; loading and unloading of passenger flights, mail and parcel flights as well as freight flights of all kinds. It doesn' t matter if the aircraft is bulk loaded or containerized - "We just do it!" - in time and safety. We also provide interior aircraft cleaning, water and toilet services and de-icing.

Our staff is trained to the highest standards, but even that is not enough for us. Continued training is essential in our dynamic line of business. Our handling equipment, such as aircraft loading docks for 7-35 tonnes, our towing vehicles and other machinery is state of the art and we have everything in sufficient numbers. 

In addition to our apron services we are also pleased to offer you our Passenger Services and the Ground Operations of our Ground Handling partners.

Competent and friendly - that's top priority for their staff.


  • Aviation Handling Service (AHS)
  • Cologne Aviation Service GmbH (CAS)
  • WISAG-Losch
  • Global GSRM
  • Business Aviation Centre Cologne (BACC)


  • Passenger & Baggage handling
  • Document & Load Control
  • Supervision & Administration
  • Representation
  • Crewtransport
  • Ramp Supervision
  • Communication
  • Surface Transports

As an airline you take passengers to places all over the world and ensure good service onboard flights. Our terminal management is the perfect complement to your business. We attend to your guests individually and in a professional manner while they are still on ground, so that they are content and relaxed when boarding. That is our job. Beyond that, it's up to you.

Our traffic management staff is in charge of allocating all resources to guarantee an optimal passenger handling, e.g. parking positions of the aircraft, waiting rooms, gates, check-in counter and baggage conveyor belts.

What we offer in terms of terminaland traffic management

  • Information desks in Terminals 1 and 2
  • Terminalservice
  • Lounge service
  • Porter service
  • Car Parking
  • Special services

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