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Police / Customs

Federal Police (Bundespolizei)


The Federal Police at Cologne Bonn Airport is responsible for:

  • border entry and exit controls / questions concerning passports, visa and documents in lieu of passports
  • aviation security / questions concerning aviation security checks / transportation in baggage and hand luggage / cargo inspections
  • rail police duties in the case of incidents on trains / fare ticket offences

The Federal Police is also the first contact if the state (local) police cannot be reached. 

Federal Police (Bundespolizei)

Postfach 98 01 25, 51129 Köln

The Airport police station of the Cologne Police Department is located in Terminal 1 at the Arrival Level “Stern C”. Here you can report any offence you may have been a witness to or a victim of, or you can get help if you are in a dangerous situation. 

Note: Customs has a new location at Cologne Airport

The new Customs Desk is in Terminal 1 on the departures level, in check-in area C, at check-in counter C01.
The Main Customs Office in Terminal 1, staircase 2, level 0, remains open 24/7.

The new Customs Desk (Terminal 1, check-in area C, at check-in counter C01) is open daily from 06:00 - 22:00. During the night, opening hours depend on the flight schedule.

All passengers wishing to claim a VAT refund are requested to report to the new Customs Desk C01 to complete customs formalities (from 22:00 - 06:00 at the Main Customs Office).

General information:

  1. Passengers are required to report to their airline's check-in desk as usual. Here, they will have to indicate which piece of luggage contains the goods for which a VAT refund is to be claimed. All bags are weighed and tagged. The baggage containing the merchandise is returned to the passenger. All other baggage items will be transferred to the baggage system by the check-in staff.
  2. At the Customs Desk, identity documents, ticket or boarding pass, invoices, the completed refund form and the merchandise must be presented to Customs for inspection and clearance. After the inspection and receipt of the customs stamp, the piece of luggage is transferred to the baggage system by the customs officer.
  3. On presentation of the invoices stamped by Customs, passengers can have the VAT reimbursed at one of the following locations:
  • Kirschner Terminal 1 (security area)
  • Travel Bank Terminal 1
  • Kirschner Terminal 2
  • Thomas Cook/ Neckermann (Terminal 2)

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