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Tips for a quick check

Security check

The central security checkpoint is easily accessible in the centre of Terminal 1. All passengers use this security checkpoint. Both people and hand baggage are checked here If you wish, you can book a free time slot for the security check with CGNGateWay.

The implementation of security checks is a sovereign task of the federal government and the responsible security authorities. At Cologne Bonn Airport, they are carried out by personnel from a private security service provider. The airport is not actively involved in the checks.

Please only take one piece of hand baggage with you. The less you have with you, the quicker the check will be.

Stow small items in your luggage or jacket pocket beforehand.

Store liquids (up to 100 ml per container) in a resealable 1-litre bag (except medicines, baby food).

Take off jackets before the check. Place your luggage in one tray and technical equipment and liquids bags in another.

Do not pack technical devices at the bottom of your hand baggage, they must be presented.

Please follow the instructions of the security control staff.


  • Mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera, accessories
  • Medication and baby food for travelling
  • Liquids, creams and gels up to max. 100 ml per container in a 1-litre bag 
  • (Pocket) umbrella without tip
  • One lighter per person (no Zippo or similar)
  • E cigarettes


  • Weapons and dangerous objects, e.g. firearms, knives with a blade of more than 6 cm, scissors, darts, ski poles
  • Explosive and flammable items such as fireworks, gas cylinders and aerosol cans (with the exception of deodorant and hairspray under 100 ml)
  • Liquids in containers
  • Toxic substances
  • Damaged batteries and batteries of certain classes

The decision as to whether an item may be carried lies with the screener.

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