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Travel with your favorite pet

Animals on board

Pets can travel with you under certain conditions. The following tips will ensure that your animal companion has a relaxed and safe start to their holiday.

Cabin or cargo hold?

There are basically two ways to transport an animal: As a "Pet in Cabin" in the cabin or in the cargo hold (Animal Vivant In Hold). Assistance dogs are always allowed in the cabin.

It pays to compare

Conditions and costs vary depending on the airline. Some do not take animals, others allow up to six kilos in the cabin. There are also restrictions according to species or breed. The animal must be specified at the time of booking.

Choice of destination

Before booking, find out about the regulations of the country you are travelling to, quarantine rules and vaccination requirements (e.g. rabies). The animal remains in the transport box during the flight, so short and medium-haul flights are ideal.

Own ID card

An "EU pet passport" issued by a vet is required for travelling across borders.In addition, the vet's practice could check your pet's fitness to travel, vaccinate it and provide information about tranquillisers in advance.

Safe and convenient

In the cabin, animals travel in a waterproof, air-permeable transport bag, in the cargo hold in a transport box. This should be large enough for the animal to turn around in. Your airline will provide information on specific requirements.

The T-shirt trick

Pack a familiar object in the transport basket. Line it with absorbent material and attach a transparent cover to the outside with a copy of your pet's ID card, destination and your name and telephone number.

Relaxed start

Allow extra time for check-in. If the animal is travelling in the cabin, it will also go through security. Animals travelling in the baggage hold are checked in at the bulky baggage counter. It is not possible to walk pets in the security area.

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