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Accompaniment & Porter Service

Accompanying passengers to / from the gate


For children aged 12 years and older who are travelling alone, for passengers flying for the first time or feeling unfamiliar at the airport we offer our accompanying service to the gate: On departure we accompany you from security control to the gate, on arrival we pick you up at the baggage claim and accompany you to the exit or – in case of children – we hand them over to the designated person to collect them.

Price: 50,- EUR

Suitcase, bags, surf board, bike, skis: Need help with your baggage? Just ask for our porter service:

On departure

  • We meet you curbside
  • We help you to unload your baggage
  • We carry it to check-in
  • We put it on the scales

On arrival

  • We meet you in the baggage claim
  • We pick up your baggage from the belt
  • We carry it to the exit


  • per piece 2.60 EUR
  • More than 10 pieces: 2.10 EUR per piece
  • Piece of bulky luggage: 4.20 EUR
  • Plus porter: 40.-- EUR per 30 Min. (Prices including VAT)

For more information and reservation please contact:

Porter Service

Accompaniment & Porter Service

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