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Baggage Tracing / Lost & Found

The respective airline is responsible for hold luggage. If your luggage is lost or damaged, Cologne Bonn Airport recommends you proceed as follows:

Report the loss or damage immediately at the Lost & Found desk of the respective airline or the handling agent. These desks are located in the baggage claim area. If you do not notice the damage to your luggage until you are at home, this must be reported within seven days.

Insist that you are given a loss/damage report.
On the website of the respective airline there is, as a rule, more information as to what to do in the case of luggage loss or damage.

Claims for compensation for damage to baggage or lost luggage are internationally regulated by the Montreal Convention of 2004. The maximum amount is approx. 1,330 EUR per person for one piece of luggage including contents. Therefore, always carry your valuables in your hand luggage or take out additional travel luggage insurance which will cover higher amounts. In cases of dispute, or if the airline does not react to your enquiry, you can contact the German Conciliation Body for Public Transport (SÖP) ( for help in this matter. 

Missing your luggage?

Which airline did you fly with? In the event of loss/damage of a piece of baggage, the following handling company is responsible for you.

Lost & Found

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