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Loss of baggage and damaged baggage

Your airline is responsible for lost or damaged baggage. As a rule, the airline commissions a service provider with baggage handling. If your bag is lost or damaged during your journey, please report the loss immediately at the Lost & Found counter of your airline or the service provider responsible, or contact your airline or the service provider concerned directly. Please note the possible notification deadlines of the airlines.

You can find the service provider responsible and the contact details here under your airline. When contacting the service provider, please have your flight documents (boarding pass, baggage tag) ready. Insist on a loss/damage report. The website of the respective airline usually provides further information on what to do in the event of baggage loss/damage.


Flight cancellation after check-in the evening before

If you checked in your baggage the evening before and your flight is subsequently cancelled, please contact your airline immediately. They will usually coordinate an appointment for you to collect your baggage. You can find contact details on the details page of your airline in our overview. Baggage is usually collected from the respective ticket counter.

Lost property office

Have you lost something in the terminal, shop, café or security check? Then contact our lost property office. Whether it's lost luggage, mobile phones, tablets, keys, wallets, jewellery or other personal items, we are committed to helping you recover them. The exception here is food.

If you have forgotten something on the plane, the responsibility lies with your airline.

Lost & Found

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