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Carbon neutral flying

Cologne Bonn Airport is one of the first airports in Germany to offer you the opportunity of offsetting the CO2 emission caused by your flight. Through our partner myclimate, an independent and non-profit organisation, you can make a voluntary contribution and make your flight carbon neutral. You can make your donation online via the link or at the Airport via your smartphone, using the QR code on the large myclimate posters in the waiting areas in the terminals.

An emissions calculator calculates how high the donation should be to offset the same amount of CO2 emissions that your flight causes. The money you donate goes directly to a myclimate climate protection project in Brazil selected by Cologne Bonn Airport. This way, you can make a direct contribution to reducing greenhouse gases. For official staff flights the Airport Company makes this climate donation for the employees.

To CO2 compensation

How exactly does CO2 compensation work?

CO2 is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels which include not only coal and petrol, but also kerosene, so that every flight causes CO2 emissions. A certain amount of CO2 can be calculated per passenger and the passengers can offset these CO2 emissions by making a voluntary donation to finance climate protection projects. This way, the amount of CO2 caused by the flight can be saved in the compensation Projects.

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