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Calculation basis

The myclimate emission calculator computes the amount of greenhouse gases emitted per passenger for your flight. The calculation is based on consumption statistics for the aircraft fuel kerosene which were taken from two reference plane types, one each for short and for long haul flights (Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 747-400). Short flight distances result in a higher emission factor per kilometre, as the proportion of the very energy-intensive takeoff and landing fuel consumption is higher. Whether you are travelling Economy Class, Business Class or First Class is also taken into account, since the different seating arrangements means than fewer passengers can be transported in Business and First Class, which results in higher emissions per capita. The climate impact of the emissions is represented in carbon dioxide equivalents. This is because the calculation also takes into account the fact that CO2 is not the only climate-impacting gas emitted; there are others (e.g. NOx).

To determine the costs of the CO2compensation, the myclimate climate protection projects are brought together in various portfolios, which show the respective average price for reducing a tonne of CO2.

The amount of the donation consists of those two factors: the emission amount in CO2 equivalents and the costs of offsetting one tonne in projects from the portfolio. For flights where the compensation is less than 20 euros, an additional 3 euros will be paid to cover the fixed costs, such as credit card fees. In any case myclimate guarantees that at least 80% of the compensation money is invested directly in the projects.

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