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Accessibility and mobility help

Information for Passengers with impairments or mobility difficulties

Request assistance – we are here to help!
If you have an impairment or mobility difficulties, you may use our PRM (persons with reduced mobility) service.  At Cologne Bonn Airport, the German Red Cross takes care of passengers with reduced mobility. We will accompany you on your way to your departure or pick you up from the aircraft upon arrival. 

Travel arrangements

Booking and reservation
In order to provide you with the service you need, we need some information from you in advance. Please inform your airline, tour operator or travel agent of your assistance needs when booking your flight, but at least 48 hours before departure. If you book online, you’ll find all details on the airline’s website.   If you haven’t booked the service or if you have booked late, there may be longer waiting times. Please understand that pre-notified passengers have priority. 
Please also inform your airline if you wish to take your mobility device. 

It is not possible to book the service directly with the airport. 

When registering, you will usually be asked to assess the degree of your mobility restriction yourself. There are the following international classifications: 

WCHR    The passenger can walk short distances and also climb stairs. He/she will be taken to the gate.  
WCHS    The passenger can walk short distances but cannot climb stairs. He/she will be brought to the aircraft door, if necessary also to his seat. 
WCHC    The passenger cannot walk independently and cannot climb stairs. He/she will be taken by us to his/her seat or picked up from there upon arrival. 
BLND    Visually impaired or blind passenger
DEAF    Deaf or hearing impaired passenger
DPNA    Passenger with intellectual disability or learning difficulties.

At the airport  
Please allow enough time to arrive at the airport and check-in in a relaxed manner. We recommend that you be there approximately 2 hours prior to departure. 

We will also pick you up from the terminal driveway, parking garage, cab or long-distance bus station. Please call the German Red Cross at 02203 40 4322 or use one of our call points located at the entrances to the terminal. You will find these: 

  • 1.  Terminal 1; Departures level,  first entrance Check-in 100; (outside the terminal).
  • 2. Terminal 1; Departures level,  entrance Check-in 200; (outside the terminal)
  • 3. Terminal 1; Level 0 (coming from the train station, at the dental center )
  • 4. Car park 2; level 4 
  • 5. Car park 32 long-distance bus station; terminal entrance

Upon arrival at the airport, go to your airline's check-in counter and tell them you have booked PRM service. The check-in staff will inform the GRC and show you the PRM Service Point where you can wait. Approximately 50 min. before departure you will be picked up and taken to your aircraft. 

Online check-in
You have checked in online and only have hand luggage? Please call the German Red Cross (Tel. 02203 40 4322) to announce your arrival. You are also welcome to go to one of our PRM Service Points in Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 on the departures level and register there.  Please note that the Service Points are not manned continuously and the GRC absolutely needs to be informed that you are there - pre-notification alone is not sufficient.  
Of course, you can also go to our information desk in Terminal 1, our colleagues will be happy to help you.

Security check
Our attendants will escort you through security check to your gate. Please note that you are only allowed to take one piece of hand luggage. Pay attention to the liquid regulations for hand luggage. 

Accompanying Person: 
One accompanying person is permitted, both parents for younger children. 


Wheelchairs and other assistive devices must be registered. Please contact your airline for information on transporting your wheelchair. Here you will also find information on transporting an e-wheelchair. 

  • When you check in your wheelchair, it will be transported in the cargo hold. Usually this is free of charge (please check with your airline). We will then transport you to the aircraft with an airport wheelchair. Upon arrival, you will be picked up with an airport wheelchair and your own wheelchair will be returned to you at baggage claim.
  • You can also keep your own wheelchair until you reach the gate. You will then receive it back upon arrival. 

In the documents available for download, you can find out about other services and obtain further information about the PRM service at Cologne Bonn Airport.

Cologne Bonn Airport wishes you a pleasant stay and a good flight!

German Red Cross

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