Cologne Bonn Airport

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Service for the disabled

At Cologne Bonn Airport, we care very much that people with special needs can travel comfortably and easily. We are at your service, so please don’t hesitate to ask for help!

If you require assistance or a wheelchair, please make your request when booking your flight, or at the Airport desk of the airline you are flying with. 

Wheelchair service


If required, a wheelchair can be requested with your reservation with the respective airline. Boarding the aircraft can mean having to change from your own wheelchair to an airport wheelchair. In such a case, Cologne Bonn Airport has wheelchairs available free of charge and qualified staff to assist you. Your own wheelchair will be transported free of charge in the cargo hold.

Further details of your airline are available here: Airlines.

Please note that special loading regulations make it necessary to transfer battery-driven wheelchairs in good time.

If you are travelling with a battery-driven wheelchair, please give details of the type of battery used when making your flight reservation. Dry-cell batteries can remain in the wheelchair and do not require any special preparation for transport, but they must be secured, disconnected and the poles insulated by you before checking in. The wheelchair must then go through the desk for bulky baggage.

Important notice:
Not all airlines transport wet-cell batteries, so please check with your airline in advance.

Departure / access to aircraft

A special vehicle for transporting wheelchairs is available for flights handled at a parking position on the apron. This transport is carried out by qualified Red Cross staff.

Important notice:
At Cologne Bonn Airport, a mobile lift is available for barrier-free access to an aircraft parked on the apron, but the use of this vehicle is at the discretion of your airline.
During heavy traffic, transport facilities are sometimes used to capacity, so this can mean waiting times or a transport via the passenger stairs.


On arrival, a staff member of your airline or the Red Cross will take you to the baggage claim, and, if necessary, through Customs. If Cologne Bonn is only your transfer airport, you will receive all the assistance you need to get your connecting flight to your destination.

If someone is meeting you at the Airport, you should find out which baggage claim exit on the arrival level you will use. In Terminal 2, there are two exits: East and West; in Terminal 1: exit B and C.

Parking facilities for people with disabilities are located in Car Park 1 (upper level), Car Park 2 (level 4 / sector A) and Car Park 3 (level 1 / sector A). For using these parking facilities it is necessary to display visibly the required authorization.

The distance from Car Park 3 to Terminal 2 is approx. 350 m. The footpath is mapped out at the car park exit and is at ground level and barrier-free. A number of trolleys are available for transporting baggage.

People with disabilities who have a blue EU-parking permit can park free of charge for up to 24 hours in Car Park 2 (100% discount). Please show your permit. We also show a goodwill gesture for parking longer than 24 hours – here we offer a 50% discount. Please show your permit at the pay station when leaving the car park and let us have your personal data for auditing purposes. This goodwill regulation also applies for people with an official disabled pass classified "aG", "H", "B" or "Bl".

Car Park 2 is equipped with emergency buttons to call for assistance. Just follow the signs. The discount of 50% on the current parking tariff also applies to Car Park 1 and 3. Please consider we do not grant any discount regarding pre-booking tariffs.

For severely disabled persons, who are unable to use our central but more economical Car parks P2 or P3, we offer the use of Car park P1 at the P2-weekly rate and P2 at the P3-weekly rate with a discount of 50 %. In such a case, we would kindly ask you to give us prior notice at:

The optional discounts do not apply for online rates or online parking space reservations.

The checkouts are located in:

The short-term parking zones at the departure level provide handicapped accessible parking spaces directly in front of the central entrances. Visitors with a blue EU parking permit or an official disabled person’s pass with the code "aG", "H", "B" or "Bl" can park free of charge for a maximum of 3 hours. Please use a parking disc and make sure your disabled person’s pass is clearly visible.

The person concerned must be present during the parking process, as the handicapped ID is not transferable. Please note that the 50% and 100% discounts are granted solely on a voluntary basis on the part of the Airport company, Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH, and therefore there is no claim per se to these discounts.

The observation decks offer our visitors an unrivalled view of the main runways, aprons and the cargo and military areas. Here, they can get the blast of the turbines and watch the aircraft take-off and land. An ideal destination for technology enthusiasts, but also for the whole family.

How about another cappuccino? Or something to eat? We look forward to welcoming you in the Airport’s cafés, bars and restaurants.

The visitors’ terraces are in Terminal 1 at "Stern C". They are open every day from 5.00 - 0.00 hours, and entrance is free.

Visitors with limited mobility can reach our observation terrace on the fifth floor via the lift at Staircase 4

Please note:
For safety reasons, the visitors’ terraces are not open in the event of bad weather, storms or black ice.

If you require medical assistance, qualified help is available from the Red Cross (DRK) or the Airport Fire Brigade.

The Medical Center, in the public area of Terminal 1/A at arrivals level is open every day from 7.30 – 16.00 hours and offers general medical and dental care.

 The pharmacy in the public area of Terminal 1 at departure level is open every day from 6.00 - 21.00 hours.

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