Cologne Bonn Airport

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By bicycle or on foot

The airport is close by - it is easy to reach on foot or by bike from the surrounding communities, for example as a worthwhile excursion destination or for a visit to the viewing terrace. The Wahner Heide, one of the most species-rich nature reserves in Central Europe, is in the immediate neighbourhood.

The route leads from the direction of Grengel/Urbach via Waldstraße. Various bicycle parking facilities are available at the airport, including at Terminal 1 in the direction of the railway station. 

You can also hire KVB hire bikes at the airport. There are corresponding hire and return stations near the railway station (P20) and in car park 5.

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Car Park 1
General parking1120271
Car Park 2
General parking4006566
Car Park 3
General parking6527408
Car Park 32
Car park "Nord"
General parking10140
Train station
Bus Station
Long distance coach terminal
Petrol station
Rental counters
Terminal 1 / Departure
Terminal 2 / Arrival
Rental car return
Electric fuel station
BAC Cologne (GAT)
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Terminal 1
Terminal 2
Cologne Bonn Cargo
Kriegerstraße 16
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