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Your taxi’s already there and waiting for you. All you have to do is get in. Our service: we inform you of the travel times and distances to the neighbouring towns and cities in the region.

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Driving times & distance

Town/CityDistanceTravel timePrice
Aachen78 km55 min135,00 €
Bergheim59 km40 min68,00 €
Bergisch Gladbach21 km20 min34,00 €
Bochum78 km50 min145,00 €
Bonn22 km15 min40,00 €
Bottrop82 km50 min140,00 €
Dormagen39 km30 min60,00 €
Dortmund91 km55 min155,00 €
Duisburg65 km40 min120,00 €
Düren59 km40 min100,00 €
Düsseldorf60 km45 min85,00 €
Essen72 km45 min125,00 €
Gelsenkirchen79 km50 min140,00 €
Gummersbach56 km45 min95,00 €
Hagen75 km50 min130,00 €
Hamm114 km70 min200,00 €
Herne86 km55 min145,00 €
Jülich60 km45 min110,00 €
Koblenz99 km60 min165,00 €
Köln17 km15 min27,00 €
Krefeld51 km40 min40,00 €
Leverkusen21 km15 min35,00 €
Lüdenscheid106 km65 min175,00 €
Mülheim72 km45 min120,00 €
Neuss51 km35 min85,00 €
Oberhausen74 km45 min125,00 €
Olpe73 km45 min125,00 €
Remscheid45 km30 min85,00 €
Siegen88 km55 min150,00 €
Solingen54 km35 min65,00 €
Unna96 km60 min165,00 €
Velbert60 km40 min105,00 €
Wuppertal61 km40 min100,00 €

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