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Electric charging stations

There are 10 charging stations for electric vehicles in each of the P2 and P3 car parks, which are only compatible with type 2 plugs. They are operated by RheinEnergie and offer an output of 3.7 kW each. Use of the charging stations is free of charge. Parking is at the regular parking rate. The e-charging stations can be found in car park 2 on level 6 (sector A) and in car park 3 on level 1.

To use the free charging stations, you have two options:

If you only charge your e-vehicle occasionally at the airport, ad hoc access is recommended. If you park and charge your vehicle more often in one of the two car parks, the TankE network app is recommended.

Further information

Tesla Supercharger

Cologne Bonn Airport has new fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. In cooperation and in close collaboration with Tesla, the airport has implemented four Supercharger fast-charging stations directly at car park 3. These can be used by electric vehicles from all manufacturers and allow vehicles to be charged quickly and conveniently with a peak output of up to 250 kW.

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